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Create Your Own

By Ed W, New York , New York (United States)
The fundraiser last year at my wife’s school was a big success. One consistent comment was - "We wish we could choose the flavors.” So I am very happy to see the new Create Your Own $1 Variety Pack, great idea!

Great Fundraiser

By Maria B, Erlanger , Kentucky (United States)
This chocolate is delicious and it’s a wonderful fund raiser. The candy bars pretty much sell themselves because everyone knows how good they are.


By Cathy O, Burlington , North Carolina (United States)
People are delighted to find your chocolate when we offer it to them. This is an excellent way to support charities. It appears to sell itself and after recouping the initial cost, it is so wonderful to have funds to put to good use in this world! Thank-you

Veteran Program Support

By Melinda O, Yorktown , Virginia (United States)
We’ve been using your Fundraisers for several years now as a steady source of funds for our Veterans program.

Thank you!

By Denise T, Mesa , Arizona (United States)
We have used the World Finest® Chocolate $1 candy bars as a fundraiser several times and have always been successful with it. Thank you.

Sports Team Fundraising

By Diane S, Aurora , Colorado (United States)
This is the second time we have used this as a fund raiser for my kids sports teams, the first was easy and simple and even those who didn’t think they could sell a box ended up asking for more to sell. I ordered double this time! Easy simple honest fun!

Low prices high quality!

By Ellen R, Littlestown , Pennsylvania (United States)
I think selling chocolate is very easy to do! Thanks for keeping your prices low and quality high! :)

Dark Chocolate

By Shirley H, Twinsburg , Ohio (United States)
We are very very pleased with your product line. We enjoy your candy and have for years. Thank you for the dark chocolate.

Great Products!

By Judith P, Lakewood , California (United States)
We have purchased your products from other groups for years and have always enjoyed them.

Third Fundraiser

By Donna N, Priest River , Idaho (United States)
This is our third fundraiser with these candy bars. Our first two experiences were very easy and successful. We have no problems selling them -- everyone loves them!

Sells itself!

By Stacy W, Goodview , Virginia (United States)
Worlds Finest Chocolates sell themselves with there wonderful reputation and great pricing. Our school was able to double our sales goal in our 2009 spring fund raiser (Goodview Elementary School).

Youth Recreation Sports

By Cathy ., Tinley Park , Illinois (United States)
Tinley Park loves chocolate! WFC makes fundraising EASY for our youth recreational sports organization. Our sales rep is very accommodating and the $1 chocolate bars are just right for kids of all ages to handle. WFC has always been a successful fundraiser for the Tinley Park Bobcats.

Great Success!

By Mr. Roger A, Mesquite , Texas (United States)
For the past 13 years, we have sold the $2 WFC product and have never made less than $25,000.00, and have had a high profit year of $55,000.00 with an average of only 50 participants a year. The taste, quality of the $2 product, the help of our rep, and the ability to label the bar with a coupon that virtuously pays the customer their money back has been a proven success for our group.

Favorite chocolate bar!

By Nicole ., Inglewood , California (United States)
I used to sell World’s Finest when I was in elementary school 30 years ago and it was my absolute favorite. To this day it is my favorite candy bar and one day I decided to try to find you online and here you are. I have been buying my own personal boxes for over 2 years now and whenever I see someone else selling them I buy at least 10 bars. I always buy all the milk chocolate they have, you should see the little kids faces when I say give me all you got, they are so excited, I remember what it was like selling it and being happy when someone actually bought one, but when someone buys more than one, they run immediately over to their parents to tell them. I have to admit it doesn’t do good for my waist line, but I really could care less, life is short and I certainly am not going to deprive myself of this delicious chocolate to lose a few stupid pounds, there are much more important things to worry about and while I am worrying about those things I am eating my favorite chocolate bar. I hope you are around for a long time.

Happy Memories

By Patricia ., Montebello , California (United States)
World’s Finest brings back so many happy memories! I sold WFC 25 years ago at St. Benedict School in Montebello, California. I remember experiencing sheer joy when walking into my homeroom class and seeing the boxes of chocolate just waiting for the Sisters to hand them out to our grubby little hands. It meant the start of some seriously healthy competition among friends. WFC is like looking through a yearbook! I just love it. World’s Finest brings back so many happy memories! Thanks for everything!

Truly the best!

By Glen ., Seattle , Washington (United States)
World’s Finest Chocolate is truly the best! For 32 years, I have been a school teacher, coach and administrator (currently a principal in Tacoma, WA.). Your products have been instrumental in our fundraising efforts. The sales representatives have been terrific. I believe that our candy sales have been helpful not only in raising money but in ’friend raising’ as well.

Favorite chocolate

By Sue Ellen Endick, Demarest , New Jersey (United States)
I sold WFC 35 years ago as an elementary school child at Our Lady of the Rosary School in Yonkers, NY. I remember that the man who came to our school would talk to us and there was an incentive each year. The child who sold the most chocolate bars would win a giant stuffed bear named Freddy the Freeloader. I never won Freddy but had a lot of fun selling (and eating!) the chocolate. To this day, it is still my favorite chocolate, and whenever I see anyone selling it I end up buying at least 10 bars. Thanks for letting me share my story..

Best Chocolate!

By Jessica ., (United States)
World’s Finest® Chocolate bars are hands down the best chocolate that I have ever had. When I was a kid, my elementary school sold World’s Finest® Chocolate candy bars. I remember it was so much fun because for each box that you sold, you could reach into a fish bowl filled with change and get a handful. Years had gone by since I had seen a World’s Finest® Chocolate bar; I didn’t even know you were still in business until last year around this time. There was a school in our area that was selling them. I was so excited but I quickly found out that I didn’t buy enough! This year when they came I bought 10 bars because I still think they are the best chocolate bar there is.

Fundraising for trips

By Megan Thomas, Gainesville , Florida (United States)
Both my children went to Washington DC through school and also to Europe. Now I am sending my daughter to Australia. We started out small because I was scared. I thought, “who would by 500 candy bars”. Well, in one day my son, daughter and I sold 300. We went back to the school and asked for more. We took 300 more bars and sold them in just two days. By the end of the fundraiser we had not only paid for their trip which was $500, but we paid for 3 others who didn’t have the chance to go otherwise. The trip to Europe was $4,500 and with the help of your brand name, Worlds Finest® Chocolate, we met this goal. This year the stakes are even higher: $5,600. But I know with the support you give, and the quality of your candy, my daughter will make this goal, and get to go to Australia for a educational life changing experience. When my daughter asks, “Would you like to buy a candy bar to help me for only $1.00?” she is proud to say it’s the world’s finest and they almost always agree. Adults tell their stories of how they sold the same bar and it still is only $1.00 after all this time. Thanks and your company really is the World’s Finest.

Better than Godiva

By Barbara Riley, Germantown , Tennessee (United States)
My neighbor and I were talking about our favorite chocolate and your candy bar (chocolate with almonds) came up. We both agreed 100% yours is the best we have ever had. Better than Godiva, Russell Stovers and all the rest! Great to know you are still around and making the best chocolate bars ever!


By Heather Olson, Chicago , Illinois (United States)
Product is great!!


By Nate O, San Francisco , California (United States)
My school makes over $20,000 twice a year with your chocolate. I was wondering why so many people bought so much chocolate. Then I realized why. It was delicious especially the Mint Meltaways. I hope my school continues to use your chocolate for our bi-annual fundraisers.

hint for sales

By Alicia's mom , Boondocks , Indiana (United States)
I like to put photos inside the lid of the box of the band kids and my daughter in her band uniform. I feel it puts a face on the fundraiser especially when people see the smiling kids' faces. I also like the way the box is designed to fold into a display unit. If we have boxes left we like to sell them at the concessions

Fondest Memory

By Marisa Jimeenz, Pearland , Texas (United States)
I have fond memories of selling these as a child.

dark chocolate almond

By Lynne Perrine, Hot Springs , Arkansas (United States)
It IS the best chocolate. Is there any way it could be made sugar free?


By Josie Centeno, Chicago , Illinois (United States)
Product is great! :

Too Many Almond Bars

By Christy Boyd, Olathe , Kansas (United States)
The candy bars sell great. Everyone loves them...but every year we always seem to be stuck with several Almond Bars. I see that picking your own variety pack is available but only if you purchase 100 cases. Small organizations just can't accomodate that quantity. I always get asked for more caramel. Ever thought of adjusting your standard quantity in the varienty box

Its worth it!

By Maria Berquist, Marenisco , Michigan (United States)
I love this chocolate and every year at my school the 6th grade class sells these choclate bars to save money for the whole class to go to camp superior. When i sold these i had to much fun and i plan to do it again soon!

won money for selling

By Jane Baker, Concord , North Carolina (United States)
When my oldest now 31 was in middle school, he sold the most WFC bars at his school. He had a part time job delivering newspapers and he constantly sold bookoos of this wonderful candy bar. He would win each week $50 for selling the most in his class. He was invited to participate in a trip to Europe that year as well and used his money for gifts for the family. A wonderful experience. He's still known as the candy bar boy around town.

Caramel Candy Bars

By Amie Martin, Parachute , Colorado (United States)
We love your chocolates. We always have almond bars left. The caramel and the crisps go the fastest. Please put more of these in your boxes.

World's Finest Candy Bars

By Sandi , Costa Mesa , California (United States)
Every time I see kids selling WFC it immediately takes me back 35 years ago when I sold the candy for St. Alphonsus School in East Los Angeles. It was always such a treat to take home those boxes and go around our neighborhood selling them. They sold so fast! Everyone I know loves them. I still bring them to my 78 year old mother who can't wait to eat them up. Thanks for the great memories!

The Old Days

By Shari Pearman, Johnson City , Tennessee (United States)
Back in the 60's, my elementary school sold WFC every year.....and every year it was one of the highlights of the school experience. This was back when a chocolate bar was a real treat. It was so much fun to sell this candy and help our school!


By Julian Lopez, Lamont , California (United States)
Ah, another fond memory of growing up in the early 90's. Going out and selling these candies, competing to see who could sell the most boxes among my friends. I would ultimately buy four or five bars from each box I would sell with money from my own allowance, not to cheat, but because I simply couldn't resist that delicious milk chocolate. Forget going to see Jurassic Park in theaters or buying that new Nirvana cassette, buy some WFC candy bars instead!

chocolate bars

By Rita Kimmell, rockport , Indiana (United States)
Sold at my schools fundraiser and was happy with results.

Chocolate Bars

By Cindy Poniatowski, Hanover Park , Illinois (United States)
I am a Nurse and year ago I had the Priviledge of caring for a young man who was dying of cancer. His wife had no money for his funeral so I contacted your company and Your Candy sold itself but in the process I was able to give My Patients wife money to help after she losst him. I have been a FAN of your company forever! Thank You

Little League Fundraiser

By Tad Kern, Queen Creek , Arizona (United States)
Back in the late 70's, during my Little League days, my mom was in charge of the fundraising for the league and we sold WF Chocolate bars. We had to store the entire supply at our house and I had the coldest room in the house so I would go to sleep at night during those few weeks to that heavenly smell...needless to say I spent a lot of time in my room that season !!!

it is about chocolate

By johnson simon, mobile , Alabama (United States)
the best thing about them is that they have some good and good good good good good chocolate


By Top secrect INFO, Texas
These chocolates are the best i did them for soccer fundraising the first day I earned like $50 I just recieved some more and I am ready to sell

At my daughters old school last year!

By Alicia Gonzalez, Ny , New York (United States)
My Daughter sold 34 boxs and the school PTA was going to stay with her prizes! I did tell them what happen with her prizes well to make the story short she did not get all the prizes! But the best of all she had fun and we love your chocolates it is the best! So if you sell to PS 110 you did to look in to this cause it's not right what they doing to these kids!

It was more than fundraising...

By Chuck Cercone, Morton Grove , Illinois (United States)
When I was a kid, our school had us sell all manner of things to raise money. This was back in the 60's. I think that WFC was the only product that we actually looked forward to selling. The kick-off day was a big event when the company rep. would show up at the school to coach us on selling the product. Never call it candy it's World's Finest Chocolate. The guy always identified himself as Mr. Chocolate in fact, he would start out by saying Boys and girls, do you know who I am? and, roughly 500 of us would shriek maniacally, You're Mr. Chocolate!! We raced out of school with competitive fervor eager to be the first to knock at out neighbors' doors. We spilled out our rehearsed sales patter and countered the buyers' objections politely. And we sold lots of candy. Sorry - chocolate. And, you know what? I really think that the experience helped us. We learned money management and persuasive speaking skills. We forced ourselves to talk with adults and we learned that we could survive the disappointment of not making a sale. It was personal growth. We were independent contractors and we took pride in our successes. Not a bad deal, Mr. Chocolate.

Sellin' Candy!

By Krystal P, Winston Salem , North Carolina (United States)
If it wasn't for this company, i wouldn't have been able to go on two of my school trips. i've fundraised over 2,000 candy bars and been able to go on trips for free. as of right now, i'm on my 24 box..just for this year. this company is truly amazing!

School Fundraising

By Peyton Cook, Cordova , Tennessee (United States)
When i was in the 2nd grade, our school had a contest to see who could sell the most boxes of worlds finest chocolate. I came in 1st place with 31 boxes and with all the money raised we were able to buy 30 computers!!

For School

By Melissa Cruz, Chicago , Illinois (United States)
I remember as a kid being happy for that time of yr when we would have to sell the World's Finest candy bars & mint melt aways for our school! Best introduction to really great chocolate!

An easy 100$

By Joshua Niles, Azusa , California (United States)
I remember two months ago, I bought the minimum order for the fundraiser, and they sold like hot cakes. I made 110$ easier than any other way.

My 2 boys sold 138 cases in 4 months

By Gina Kinchen, River Ridge , Louisiana (United States)
We purchased WFC to help my 2 boys who were responsible to fundraise all on their own to go on a Missions trip to China.They sold 138 cases in 4 months, and thanks to WFC, they are going to China!!!!!


By Judy Ollis, Indianapolis , Indiana (United States)
I love these my daughter has sold seven boxes within 4 days these people love them.

Growing up faundraising for school

By Marcus Brooks, Compton , California (United States)
After selling Chocolate to fundraise for my school. I found myself loving the smell of Worlds finest chocolate.... now I look forward to having some around the house.

World's Finest Chocolate for ME

By Jennifer Polka, Rolling Meadows , Illinois (United States)
In the 1980's I joined a fraternity at ISU to be a little sister for some reason. I was supposed to sell a large box of the World's Finest Chocolate. I sold maybe 2 or 3 bars and ATE the rest of it! I had peanut butter in my dorm room and would put that in between 2 WFC bars every single day. SOOOO good. Needless to say, I owed for the entire box and didn't regret it at all.

Mint Meltaways

By Terri Sheirdan, Bromley , Alabama (United States)
These candies are wonderful! My husband and I have fallen in love with the Mint Meltaways. We both wish we had bought more than one box!


By Jennifer Siesto, staten island , New York (United States)
I used to sell the chocolate bars as a kid in school. Now I help my niece and nephew sell their boxes every year. I recently brought my nephew's box to school with me and barely made it through the lobby before being attacked by my coworkers wanting to buy them. The variety pack is great with the almond and crisp selling first. The caramel is the last to go.

BEST CHOCOLATE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Emily Roth, Waxhaw , North Carolina (United States)
I am a freshman this year, and I don't really miss my middle school that much. However, the band at my middle school did World's Finest Chocolate sales, and I really miss it! I've been bugging my little sister to buy me some! THE NAME DOES NOT LIE ON THESE THINGS!!! BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!! WHY DON'T THEY SELL THESE THINGS IN STORES???

Catholic School

By Mardy Decs, Queens , New York (United States)
I still remember when I was in 2nd grade at my Catholic school that we began selling World's Finest chocolate for fundraising purposes and did so every year until I graduated. Everyone loved it then and still do now. And I'm in my late 40's now. Imagine that, after all these years later, still quality chocolate and at reasonable prices. I plan to order now for the holidays and place in stockings and/or tied into gifts. Nice finishing touch!


By Mrs. Jackson, Jackson , Alabama (United States)
This is the most delicious candy. It's so smooth and chocolatey with those almonds, I still have customers asking me for them. We sold/did a fundraiser for our tennis team.

Best candy ever

By Gale Abell, Richmond , Virginia (United States)
I sold these as a fundraiser in the 60's and I have loved World's Finest ever since. I'm ecstatic whenever I find them again.

Candy Bars

By Sherman Wiles, Burke , Virginia (United States)
This was the first time using World's Finest Chocolate and I was a little skeptical at first, but somthing was telling me to do it anyhow. I'm very glad I decided to do it. My only regret is that I didn't order more cases. I ordered 100 cases when I should have ordered 300 SERIOUSLY. We sold 6000, that's right SIX THOUSAND candy bars, in 6 days. This will be our go to whenever we do fundraisers.



By Jean M,
Your products have always been outstanding. Always delicious!

Love World’s Finest Chocolate

By Marsha T,
I’ve loved World’s Finest Chocolate since I was a kid and sold them in school!!

Almond bars!

By Chantel W,
This has always been great chocolate. The almond bars are great!

Great gift

By Debbie H,
Great gift, great product!

Love it!

By Penny H,
I love this chocolate!

The best!

By LC Heath,
The best! It was gone immediately – a wonderful gift!

Personal message is great!

By Buster D,
Very convenient to put personal messages on gift. I remember selling these bars as a kid to raise money for our band.

Truly World’s Finest

By Irene B,
This is truly the World’s Finest Chocolate!

Big hit!

By Gail T,
We had custom wrappers made for a promotion and they were a big hit!

Chocolate Covered Almonds

By Jennifer M,
I love these chocolate covered almonds. They’re the best!

Customer for life!

By Donna R,
I remember buying the candy at work 40 years ago. When I received the catalog, I was thrilled and ordered immediately. I love your candy and will always continue to order it. Thank you so much.

Big hit

By Gail N,
The chocolates were a really big hit! We had one of the best media events ever! To be able to describe our technology and then give a real-life example of its application was wonderful - especially when the application was so tasty! And thanks for "bird dogging" the packages for me, the delivery to the office went off without a hitch! Please tell everyone how much we appreciate all the effort!

Best Chocolate!

By Laurie K,
Wow!! This is the best chocolate ever! I LOVE the Continental Almonds - they’re the best... smooth and creamy tasting... yum yum yum!!!

Great customer service!

By Toniqua L, Upper Marlboro , Maryland (United States)
I want to commend your customer service rep on a job well done. I ran into an issue on the internet, and she walked me through it. She stayed on the phone with me the whole time until she knew I was comfortable. She then gave me a follow up call to make sure everything went ok. A job well done!

Taste Tester

By Andy R, Tupelo , Mississippi (United States)
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your chocolate covered cashews... I gotta tell ya, I’ve been to two country fairs, a hog callin’, two axle greasins’ and one all night taffy pullin’ and I ain’t never tasted cashews covered in rich chocolate that tasted so goooooood. They flung a cravin’ all over me, you hear? I get goose bumps just thinking about em. Oh, oh, and the Caramel Whirls...Ohhhhh Loretta, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Please...if you ever need a ’Taste Tester’ here in Mississippi....I’m your man! Merry Christmas Yall and thanks for ’melting my butter’ with your tasty treats.

Love your company

By Andrea D, Evansville , Indiana (United States)
I just want to tell you how much I LOVE your company and your chocolate bars! I sold your chocolate bars every year in school as a child (I’m now 30 yrs old and have 4 children of my own!). I have great memories of selling your candy and raising money for my school. I remember back in 1984 when I was eight years old I won your "Cocoa Saucer" as a prize. It was a frisbee that smelled like chocolate! I loved that, and have great memories of throwing the Cocoa Saucer with my brother in our front yard. I’ve ordered some of your chocolate bars to give to my children in their stockings this year, and also to one of my best friends as a gift for Christmas. Thank you for your products, for your professionalism and for your easy-to-use website. WFC is one of those wonderful treats in life that not only taste great but are connected to some great childhood memories for me! I wish my children’s school here in town sold them!

World’s Finest

By Shirley S, Illinois
Consumers often see products that claim to be the "world’s best, biggest, finest..." whatever. However, your chocolate covered almonds might just be the world’s finest.

Great personalized gift ideas

By Sue C, Trevor , Wisconsin (United States)
I can’t thank you enough for including me in your e-mail survey. My daughter is getting married on July 5 of this year. You have given me many ideas for her bridal shower and wedding. I never would have thought that WFC has so many great ways to send a personalized gift for around $20 shipped. Also, sending flowers online turned out to be not at all reliable. Either the order was lost or the flowers were wilted. Everybody loves WFC!

Best chocolate bars

By Marie A, Sedalia , Colorado (United States)
I have to say that I have never been a chocolate lover. The chocolates I had tried before were waxy and strong tasting. I bought a box of chocolate bars to help my nephew, and one bar changed my mind. I still don’t like any other chocolate bars, so I looked forward to the fundraisers each year, so I could get my chocolate fix. Thanks to your online ordering I don’t have to wait anymore!

Sweet story

By Angela W, Kentucky (United States)
I just wanted to share my ’sweet story’ with you. Twenty years ago, my husband and I were friends in High School. Secretly, we liked each other, but were to scared to admit it. On Valentines Day, he gave me one of your Candy Bars and a card. We have been married 16 years, and are still best friends.

Best Chocolate

By Tiffany W, Stockton , California (United States)
This is the best chocolate. This was the only chocolate my mom bought when I was growing up. I now have my own family and they love it too!

No need to wait!

By Robin R, Brooklyn , New York (United States)
I couldnt be happier when I found out that I could order your chocolate any time and not have to wait for a fund raiser. Thanks!!!!!! Now I can do both!!!!

Mint Chocolates

By Melissa W, House Springs , Missouri (United States)
World’s Finest® Chocolate is the only place I have found (other than Disney World) that I love the mint chocolates.

Customer service

By Carol S, McFarland , Wisconsin (United States)
Customer Service staff are very helpful and friendly. That is much appreciated. Thanks for the free personalization, too!!!

Big fan!

By Melissa W, North Branch , Minnesota (United States)
Ordering was quick and easy. I have been a big fan of your chocolate candy bars with almonds since I was a child selling them for fundraiser events!

World’s Finest

By Terri J, New York , New York (United States)
I have loved your chocolate from the first time I tasted it, and even after sampling some of the most expensive and highest rated chocolates, I still think it is truly the world’s finest.

Lifetime fan!

By Frank M, Wheaton , Illinois (United States)
I’ve been eating your chocolate for over 50 years and I can truly say that I never grow tired of your excellent product! Thank you for keeping your standards high in this day and age of so many companies cutting back to save money by lowering the quality of their product.

Love your chocolates

By Katrina K, West Des Moines , Iowa (United States)
I’m glad to find out that World’s Finest® Chocolate is now available without having to wait for kids fundraisers...especially since I have 2 family members serving overseas who love your chocolate as much as I do!!!

Love World’s Finest Chocolate

By Carol G, Castle Creek , New York (United States)
We LOVE World’s Finest® Chocolate, I’m so happy you have some great options to order for gifts etc!!

Favorite candy

By Jessica S, Rock Hill , South Carolina (United States)
This has been my favorite candy since I was a child participating in fundraisers at my school. I would eat most of the bars before I even made it home!

Chocolate covered pecans

By Angela J, Stone Mountain , Georgia (United States)
I ordered some chocolate covered pecans from a co-worker as a fundraiser. They were super delicious. These are a birthday gift for another co-worker.

More for my money

By Mary P, Hartford , Connecticut (United States)
I used to buy holiday gifts both from World’s Finest® Chocolate and from Harry & David. However, this year I went with only World’s Finest® Chocolate because I get more for my money. Harry & David costs much more than WFC and charges a fortune to ship. Harry & David’s product is nice, but it’s not individually wrapped, which is the way to go now a days so you don’t have to worry about germs. Buying from WFC works out beautifully because I pay less and my recipients get more chocolate for the money!

Wedding Favors

By Cindy Windover, Lakefield , Ontario (Canada)
The staff bent over backwards to make sure we got our chocolate bars in time for the wedding, even offering to stay after hours to make it happen!! Wow! And everyone absolutely loved them. Thanks sooo much!

Contental Almonds Are Awesome...

By Chris Nelms, St. Louis , Missouri (United States)
I have been receiving the 2# Continental Almonds from a Supplier Partner at Christmastime for the past several years. These delicious almonds are even better than described by the WFC people. The package from Christmas 2012 lasted less than 24 hours in our home. Absolutely the Worlds Finest...


By Mary McCarthy, Collierville , Tennessee (United States)
Ordered my usual Christmas gifts and the next day received a post card for free shipping on all orders of $25 or more. Called and spoke with Aaron and he was so professionally and assured me that I would be credited with the shipping cost. Never expecting to receive the refund, not only did I receive it on my bank statement but he called to make sure it was done. Great customer service and product is always a hit for Christmas giving!


the best ever

By cullen collins, houma , Louisiana (United States)
this chocolate is the best

Great value

By Andrew Meyer, Hillsdale , Michigan (United States)
It is disappointing to hear people complaining about about the portion size of the candy bar. If they had a business to run, they would be forced to do the same thing. The price of everything has gone up people! Have you seen fuel prices alone? The products don't get delivered for free!! On a positive note you more than make your money back if you use the coupon on the wrapper. We are no longer in the 70's. Great job World's Finest for providing a still affordable product!


By GABRIELA MERAZ, PARAMOUNT , California (United States)

Childhood Memories

By Gayle Bily Theilacker, Temple City , California (United States)
Growing up in the 1960s I was the luckiest kid around -- my dad was a NY district mgr. for World's Finest Chocolate! Our house was always the busiest on Hallloween 'cause all the kids knew there were WFC bars being handed out. It had a huge impact on me at 10 when he passed away. It must have also been for his clients -- at his funeral there were 3 rows of nuns that he had helped with fundraising for their various schools. The chocolate bars still play a role in my adult life. Whenever I see a kid selling WFC I HAVE to buy one and have a "little visit" with my dad as I recall the sweet childhood memories!


My Favorites by CDH

By Chris Huber,
Malted Milk Balls (71146) - these are the best!

Delicious! by Kate

By Kate Srebinksi,
Continental® Almonds – 1 lb. (70120) - These almonds are my favorite! There couldn’t be a better product out there.

Chocolate Almonds-Sugar-Free by Rese

By Sharese Dixon,
Sugar-free Chocolate Covered Almonds (71526) - This product is a pure delight that you can enjoy without all the guilt. The chocolate is simply delicious!

World’s Best Mints by LakeRidge

By Jason Simmons,
Mint Meltaways® (70179) - This is the world’s best-tasting mints! I am not a candy eater, but these are the best mints! They are neither overly minty nor too chocolately--it’s the perfect blend of both mint & chocolate!


By Mike Lawson,
Continental® Almonds – 2 lb. (70119) - I grew up selling these almonds back in the sixties for fundraising on my little league teams. My son sold this product as well in the nineties when he was in youth sports. The name "World’s Finest Continental Almonds" continues to represent the best chocolate almonds money can buy. Because of the quality and taste we would end up buying most of the candy for our own pleasure instead of selling it to our friends and neighbors.

Delicious by Diane

By Diane MacDonald,
Continental® Almonds – 1 lb. (70120) - I have ordered these almonds for Christmas, Birthday, and Father’s day gifts and they are delicious. My husband gives them as Christmas gifts to his clients. I always keep a box for us during the holidays as a treat. They don’t last long though, it is hard to eat just one.

Love These!!! :) by Melissa

By Melissa Clero,
Continental® Almonds – 1 lb. (70120) - I bought these for my Father’s B-Day!! and he loved it!!! They didn’t last very long, once you eat one you have to get another one!!

5 year customer by Van

By Vandenisha McKinley,
Continental® Almonds – 1 lb. (70120) - I’ve bought these every year for the last 5 years. I have not been let down yet.... WFC is the best. I even hunt them down during fundraising time.

Caramel Whirls are the best by Caramel Girl

By Bridget Mason,
Caramel Whirls® (70281) - I think the Caramel Whirls are the best product that World Finest Chocolate has. Caramel Whirls need to be sold in the local stores, not just on-line.


By Blossom Uta,
Pastel Imperial® Almonds 1.00 Lb (70817) - I think this is one of the best candies out of the rest. Nobody makes this type of candy anywhere. The only thing is, you can’t save it for a long time, because it will get stale. If you have a family like mine, it will not last a week.

Best chocolate mints ever!!! by Tiffany

By Tiffany Kelly,
Mint Meltaways® (70179) - I used to sell worlds finest choclates as a fundraiser for my church and i would always look forward to selling because of these mints... my mom would buy a whole case and we would eat them all up... these are the best ......

Best chocolate mints ever!!! by Tiffany

By Tiffany Kelly,
Mint Meltaways® (70179) - I used to sell worlds finest choclates as a fundraiser for my church and i would always look forward to selling because of these mints... my mom would buy a whole case and we would eat them all up... these are the best ......

excellent by raisins

By Leslie Kennedy,
Chocolate Covered Raisins (70188) - this is the best. i’ve been waiting for this.

The Best! by Buddy’s Dad

By Vernon Shumate,
5-Flavor Assortment (72061) - Received this gift for my Birthday today. My wife and I opened it immediately and began to eat. The Worlds Finest is the best chocolate!!!!!!!!!

Meltaways by Linda

By Linda Ruane,
Double Chocolate Meltaways® (71292) - I received a box of these wonderful chocolates from my church the firist time I attended it. I am still eating them!!!

The Best by Ro

By Rose Ann Baumgardner ,
Chocolate Covered Pecans (71511) - These are the absolute best chocolate covered pecans I have ever tasted and i have tasted a lot! I first found them at Jewel food stores only at certain times of the year and they sell out real fast! So glad to have found your site and that they are available.

Best Chocolate

By Crystal Fiermuga,
5-Flavor Assortment (72061) - Great assortment, something for everyone or everything for someone!

Best Holiday Duo Ever by Love this Chocolate

By Deborah Hoffmann,
Mint Regal Duo Gift Box (70159) - We have been ordering this duo for clients for years. It is by far the most popular gift. We all love it so much around the office that we buy several boxes for ourselves each year as well!

Dark Chocolate Almonds by jocheyenne

By Joan Olesen ,
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (71510) - Absolutely delicious! 230 calories for 4 nuts. Unfortunately, who can stop at four???

Perfection by shells26

By Shelley Byrd,
Mint Meltaways® (70179) - This is perfection!! These mints are the best on the planet!! My kids fight over them...but I win because I alway hide some from them lol.

V-Day Heart by Ree

By Marie Cilento ,
Chocolate Heart (71984) - These are the BEST chocolate covered almonds I’ve ever had and having them sent in this personalized heart was a HUGE hit! These almonds are perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!

not the same

By Mercy sanmartin, miami , Florida (United States)
yes, the price is still $1.00 but they are half as thick and.. where are the almonds? they used to have whole almonds where you could even feel them without having to unwrap the bar. The texture is not as smooth as it was back in the 70's - surprise people still buy them.

Candy bar size

By Jane Coe, Chicago , Illinois (United States)
I love your candy bars with almonds and have for years since I was a young girl. Today, I enjoyed one and noticed it was the thinnist it has ever been. That disappoints me as I remember the bars were at lease double the weight.


By Iesha Ezell, Oceanside , California (United States)
I sold these in high school and I can honestly say I bought at least five boxes for myself per case! Probably the best chocolate I've EVER had! Soooo delicious. If you have not tried this chocolate you are truly missing out! The mint flavor is insanely delicious and the way it melts in your mouth....!! Perfection!

mint meltaways

By Roland Herman, Wyalusing , Pennsylvania (United States)
simply irresistable:

WF Crisp

By Alex Bamburg, Seattle , Washington (United States)
This is the best crisped rice treat I have ever had in my life!


Mint Meltaways

By Savvy Issha, Richmond , California (United States)
Super Super Super luscious.. I love this chocolate an it only comes to the retail store during holidays.. I wish they had it year round.. It is so soososossoosos goood..

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