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School Band Candy Fundraising Ideas

fundraising for sports chocolate barsEnsuring your school band is properly funded is no easy job. Unfortunately, music programs are often amongst the first programs cut when school budgets are tightened. Luckily, you do not have to rely on your school to ensure your school band has instruments, uniforms and any other necessary equipment. World’s Finest® Chocolate fundraising is here to help you raise the money your band needs to make perfect melodies.

Fundraising isn’t any work at all with World’s Finest® Chocolate. Our products do all the work for you. Whether it’s new band uniforms, better equipment, or defraying transportation costs, the profit you make on each piece of chocolate means you make more money -- and you do it faster and easier – than ever before. Our high-quality premium chocolate is made with only the finest ingredients for that rich chocolate flavor people love. Every bar includes a coupon on the back to provide additional value to your fundraising supporters. It’s fundraising made hassle-free, and knowing you’re reaching your fundraising goal, well, let’s just say that’s music to everyone’s ears!

World’s Finest® Chocolate School Band Fundraising Candy Options:

Personalized Chocolate Bars or
Non-Personalized Chocolate Bars
Cases of $1 chocolate bars or
$2 bars & a variety of chocolate treats
$2 Continental® Almonds Variety Packs

Many other fundraising candy and chocolate are also available.

Tips for Implementing a Successful School Band Candy Fundraiser:

Don't get caught out of tune in this year’s band fundraiser. If you follow the above tips, stay creative, and have fun, your band candy fundraiser will be sure to drum up a success!

  • Stand out by adding a personal touch with chocolate bars wrapped in your band’s colors or a picture of its musicians.
  • Set a band candy fundraiser profit goal. Continually check candy sales to ensure your band is on track.
  • Wear band uniforms to the fundraiser when selling.
  • If you set up a booth to sell your candy, play music to attract attention and pick a location area with lots of foot traffic where people have time to stop and talk.
  • Offer an invitation with dates and times of your band’s performances in order to attract new supporters.
  • Set your booth up at sporting events in your community; this will attract individuals and parents who are involved in other school groups and are likely to support your band.

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