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Football Team Candy Fundraising Ideas

football fundraising

fundraising for sports chocolate barsEveryone loves chocolate, making it a popular option for football team fundraisers of all sizes. With the right selection and some creativity your football fundraiser will be a great way for players to bond and parents to get involved. Plus it is a great value for your supporters and World’s Finest® Chocolate promotes high quality products that are easy to sell.

There are many World’s Finest® Chocolate fundraiser options available. You can even choose your own flavors with our Create Your Own variety pack. Below are suggestions your football team can choose and tips on how to score a touch down with your fundraiser.

World’s Finest® Chocolate Football Team Fundraising Candy Options:

Personalized Chocolate Bars or
Non-Personalized Chocolate Bars
Cases of $1 chocolate bars or
$2 bars & a variety of chocolate treats
$2 Continental® Almonds Variety Packs

Many other fundraising candy and chocolate are also available.

Tips for Implementing a Successful Football Team Candy Fundraiser:

  • Stand out by adding a personal touch with chocolate bars wrapped in your team’s logo and colors.
  • Wear team uniforms to the fundraiser when selling.
  • Involve the audience: create a game where customers can buy a candy bar and take their chance at throwing a football through a hoop or kicking a paper field goal. This will attract attention and make the fundraiser fun for your team, volunteers, and the customers.
  • Be sure to tell your football fundraising customers about World’s Finest® Chocolate’s superior premium candy products. Having a football candy fundraiser with superior products at a low price will help drive customer sales and increase team profits.
  • If you set up a booth to sell your candy bars, pick a location area with lots of foot traffic where people have time to stop and talk.
  • If you set up your booth in front of a store or retail establishment, such as a grocery store, be sure to ask for permission ahead of time.
  • Set your booth up at other sporting events in your community; this will attract individuals who are involved in other school sports and are likely to support your team.

Don’t fumble this year’s football fundraiser. If you follow the above tips, stay creative, and have fun your football candy fundraiser will score big!

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