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Church Candy Fundraising Ideas

fundraising for sports chocolate barsNo matter what your religious denomination might be, a successful church fundraiser idea can help your church support new programs, projects and facilities. World’s Finest® Chocolate fundraising is here to help you raise the money you need to better bond the congregation and help advance spirituality and church stewardship.

World’s Finest® Chocolate promotes high quality products that are easy to sell and are a great value for your supporters. There are a variety of products and many World’s Finest® Chocolate candy fundraiser options available; you can even mix and match flavors with our create your own variety packs. Below are suggestions your church group can choose and tips on how to carry out a successful fundraiser.

World’s Finest® Chocolate Church Fundraising Candy Options:

Personalized Chocolate Bars or
Non-Personalized Chocolate Bars
Cases of $1 chocolate bars or
$2 bars & a variety of chocolate treats
$2 Continental® Almonds Variety Packs

Many other fundraising candy and chocolate are also available.

Tips for Implementing a Church Candy Fundraiser:

  • Announce your church candy fundraiser objectives. If the church fundraiser profits will be used to build or maintain a church facility, be sure your supporters are aware of that goal and give continual status updates on the progress towards that goal.
  • Stand out by adding a personal touch with chocolate bars wrapped in a picture of your church or church members.
  • Set up a table for your church candy fundraiser in the church entrances before and after services. Additionally, set up your fundraiser at other church related programs such as: Sunday school classes, retreats and any other events hosted in conjunction with the church.
  • Advertise your church candy fundraiser idea in your weekly church bulletin/newsletter. Be sure to include the times and places your church candy fundraiser will be selling.
  • Have fun! Get all church members involved to create a stronger bonded congregation.

Do not fail this year’s church fundraiser mission. If you follow the above tips, stay creative, and have fun your candy fundraiser will be a success. Hallelujah!

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