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Panned Items

  • Continental® Almonds - Milk, dark, and sugar-free chocolate covered almonds
  • Imperial® Almonds - Milk chocolate covered and candy coated almonds
  • Plump raisins layered in milk chocolate or dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate coated malted milk balls
  • Milk chocolate coated pretzel balls 
  • Butter-roasted and salted pecans covered in milk chocolate
  • Butter-roasted and salted cashews covered in milk chocolate
  • Dry roasted macadamia nuts covered in milk chocolate


  • Made of World's Finest's® velvety blend of solid milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, dark chocolate with almonds, crisped rice, caramel or full-flavored semisweet chocolate, our bars are available in a variety of weights…even up to 100 pounds.

Individually Foil Wrapped Chocolates

  • Mint Meltaways® - Milk Chocolate with a hint of mint
  • Caramel Whirls® - Milk chocolate with a smooth caramel center
  • Coconut Whirls® - Semi-sweet chocolate with a coconut crème center
  • Mochaccino Meltaways™ - Milk chocolate with a coffee flavor center
  • Dark Deluxe® - Solid semi-sweet chocolate
  • Double Chocolate Meltaway™ - Combination of dark and milk chocolate in a meltaway center covered with milk chocolate
  • Toffee Deluxe® - Rich, crunchy nut-free toffee bits smothered in creamy milk chocolate.
  • Solid Milk Chocolate Bar Bites®
  • Milk Chocolate with Caramel Bar Bites®
  • Milk Chocolate with Almond Bar Bites®

Holiday Items

  • Solid milk chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Solid milk chocolate Santa

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