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About World''s Finest® Chocolate

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About Us

Dedication to Quality

Family owned and based in Chicago, World's Finest® Chocolate has over 60 years of experience and prides itself on being one of nine American companies that manufactures chocolate directly from the bean. The most modern machinery, dedicated employees and the finest ingredients allow World's Finest® Chocolate to consistently deliver the perfect balance of flavor, texture and color. We are proud to make our chocolate right here in the USA.

To ensure this balance, World's Finest® looks to its own Caribbean experimental cacao farm on the island of St. Lucia, where it cultivates the highest flavor grade cocoa beans. It's participation in the development of highest quality ingredients supports World's Finest®'s demand for perfection. World's Finest® endeavors to satisfy the varying tastes of chocolate lovers. The exquisite chocolate it offers is available in many styles, including bars, individually wrapped pieces and panned items.

Utilization of Technology

With our state-of-the-art technology and high volume production efficiencies, we provide the capacity, consistency, quality, versatility and dependability to make our expertise available to a wide variety of production opportunities. Plantation

Mission Statement

In all markets which it serves, World's Finest® Chocolate will compete on the basis of high-quality products and services that ensure superior customer satisfaction.

WFC is committed to providing its customers, employees and suppliers with an atmosphere of participation that involves them in the process of continuous improvement.

Professional Affiliations

World Cocoa Foundation
World's Finest® Chocolate has joined other industry members in supporting responsible and sustainable cocoa efforts through the World Cocoa Foundation.  For more information on how the organization is making a difference to cocoa farming communities, please visit

National Confectioners Association
The National Confectioners Association focuses on opportunities to educate the public about the natural origins of chocolate and build a better understanding of this unique and special food. Find out more information about candy's place in a healthy, active lifestyle with NCA's The Story of Chocolate.

Company Recognition

Read about our personalization marketing efforts in the January 17, 2007 case study of Marketing Sherpa.

Company Philanthropy

World's Finest® Chocolate strongly supports the Junior Achievement of Chicago as its main philanthropy. Each year, WFC employees organize a Bowl-A-Thon to raise money for the group, as well as volunteer in local classrooms teaching business principles to youth.

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