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Pre-Sale Chocolate Fundraising Solutions

Continental® Collection

After 60 years, we've learned that when it comes to fundraising solutions, one size does not fit all. That is why we offer a variety of products, price-points, and programs to help you meet your goals! Our Continental® Collection program is available in bulk or as a pre-sale fundraiser that can help your group maximize profit potential AND prevent the guesswork of trying to decide how much chocolate to pre-order for your campaign.


This risk-free program comes with an order taker featuring more than ten delicious boxed premium chocolate items, including our Deluxe Cashew and Pecan Clusters, Peanut Butter Bears and Milk and Dark Chocolate Continental® Almonds. Your supporters will be able to choose from a wide selection of taste-tempting products, while you eliminate the hassle of trying to decide what products will appeal to the broadest audience.

Whether your group needs additional funds for special trips, equipment, uniforms or instruments, the Continental® Collection program can help you exceed your fundraising goals. ALL items in this brochure are priced at only $6.00 making this one of the easiest brochure programs to sell.


Continental® Collection Bulk Program

Fundraising has never been easier or faster than with our Continental® Collection Bulk Program. Each premium quality boxed item sells for only $6, and your group profits 50% when purchased in bulk cases of 15 items per case. Your group can start their sale in as little as 5 business days and we'll include posters, order forms, collection envelopes and optional incentives. Parent letter & reminder slip templates are also available.
  • All items priced at $6.00
  • Earn 50% profit* on every sale
  • Minimum Order is only 8 cases
  • All items are shipped in bulk cases with a quantity of 15 units per case
  • Free sales materials



Continental® Collection Pack By Student

If your group cannot order in bulk, try our Continental® Collection Pack By Student program. The chocolate arrives at your school already labeled and pre-packed for each student.
  • All Items priced at $6.00
  • Earn 40% profit* on every sale
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Shipping to one location is included
  • Free sales materials


*excludes freight cost and applicable taxes.



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