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Ice Hockey Team Candy Fundraising Ideas

ice hockey fundraising

fundraising for sports chocolate barsIce hockey is an expensive sport to play, goalie equipment alone can strain your budget, not to mention the cost of uniforms, skates and ice rink time. World’s Finest® Chocolate fundraising is here to help you raise the money your ice hockey team needs to help bring home a win.

World’s Finest® Chocolate promotes high quality products that are easy to sell and are a great value for your supporters. Additionally, there are a variety of products and many World’s Finest® Chocolate candy fundraiser options available; you can even mix and match flavors with our create your own variety packs. Below are suggestions your ice hockey team can choose and tips on how to score a successful fundraiser for your ice hockey team.

World’s Finest® Chocolate Ice Hockey Team Fundraising Candy Options:

Personalized Chocolate Bars or
Non-Personalized Chocolate Bars
Cases of $1 chocolate bars or
$2 bars & a variety of chocolate treats
$2 Continental® Almonds Variety Packs

Many other fundraising candy and chocolate are also available.

Tips for Implementing a Successful Ice Hockey Team Candy Fundraiser:

  • Set an ice hockey candy fundraiser profit goal. Continually check candy sales to ensure your team is on track.
  • Stand out by adding a personal touch with chocolate bars wrapped in your team’s logo and colors.
  • Wear your ice hockey uniforms to the fundraiser when selling.
  • If you set up your booth in front of a store or retail establishment, such as a grocery store, be sure to ask for permission ahead of time.
  • Build in an incentive when you reach your team goal, or for high performers; this will help encourage greater participation in your ice hockey fundraiser and yield greater revenue.
  • Have fun! Get all team members and parents involved to create a stronger sense of sportsmanship.

If you follow the above tips, stay creative, and have fun your ice hockey team candy fundraiser will surely be a success!

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