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Class Field Trip Candy Fundraising Ideas

Class Field Trip

fundraising for sports chocolate barsA chocolate bar fundraiser with World’s Finest® Chocolate is a successful way to raise money for your upcoming class field trip!

Everyone loves chocolate, making it a popular option for classroom fundraisers of all sizes. With the right selection and some creativity, your school class fundraiser will be a great way for kids to have fun and raise money for trips and events. Some class field trips include visiting the local museums, planetariums, and amusement parks or traveling to see historic places like Washington, D.C. or New York City

World’s Finest® Chocolate Class Field Trip Fundraising Candy Options:

Personalized Chocolate Bars or
Non-Personalized Chocolate Bars
Cases of $1 chocolate bars or
$2 bars & a variety of chocolate treats
$2 Continental® Almonds Variety Packs

Many other fundraising candy and chocolate are also available.

Tips for Implementing a Class Field Trip Candy Fundraiser:

  • Stand out by adding a personal touch with chocolate bars wrapped in your school’s picture, colors, or mascot logo.
  • Know your audience: students should not be selling candy without their parent’s permission. Kids should target sales towards their parents, neighbors and other adults they know who are most likely to purchase the chocolate.
  • Set your booth up at other events in your community (such as sporting, band, or religious events); this will attract individuals who are involved in the community and are likely to support your children and their school.
  • Provide incentives: encourage students by recognizing and rewarding those students performing well. Also, pairing students together will likely increase sales and also teach students valuable lessons about teamwork and communication.

Don’t flunk this year’s class fundraiser. If you follow the above tips, stay creative, and have fun your candy fundraiser will earn an A+!

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